On behalf of the Cultural Advocacy Coalition I am pleased to offer our endorsement for the 2016 General Election.

The Coalition’s endorsement recognizes your commitment to arts and culture, which contributes to the lives of Oregonians’ through stronger academic achievement in school, revitalized main streets in our historic communities, restored civic engagement in our town halls and creative expression to enrich our lives.

We look forward to working with you in the 2016 Session to address equitable access to k-12 arts education, preserve and strengthen community-based arts and heritage facilities, and steward and defend the Oregon Cultural Trust–which allows the Trust to continue to reach every county of our state with locally managed support for arts, heritage and the humanities.

Your service, in pursuit of these worthy endeavors, as well as the many other pressing needs facing our communities and state, is to be commended. Thank you for your willingness to serve.

My best,

Christine Drazan

Executive Director

Cultural Advocacy Coalition

503-680-6387 (cell)


Supporting Marsh

There are many excellent reasons to support Pam Marsh as she runs for District 5 state representative.
Her impressive background combines experience in human services, public service and business, all of which add up to a candidate who can speak to the issues on several fronts and who will represent the people of her district both from the heart and from the head. Apart from this, she is a hard worker who is sure to apply her seemingly boundless energy to doing the best she can for our region. Please join me in supporting Pam’s efforts to be elected state representative.

Mo Waite

Support Marsh

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of support for Pam Marsh as she seeks election for state representative of District 5. I had the good fortune to work with Pam for several years at one of our region’s largest human services agencies and quickly grew to admire her intelligence, compassion, integrity, work ethic and empathy for the individuals and families we served.
She is a respected member of Southern Oregon’s business community and has distinguished herself in her work with both the Ashland Food Bank and City Council.
These attributes convince me that she will shine as my district’s representative. Please join me in helping to make her election a reality.

Leslie Kendall

Supporting Marsh

I was delighted to hear that that Pam Marsh has decided to run for state representative in District 5.
I have known Pam for several years and had the good fortune to work with her for part of this time. I admire her as an astute member of our local business community and for her service to our region through her involvement with many community service organizations and the Ashland City Council.
I believe she has the intelligence and experience to serve our region’s needs and the best interest of the people of our area at heart. I encourage my friends and neighbors in Southern Oregon to join me in supporting Pam for State Representative, District 5.

William Coyne

Endorsing Marsh

In the 34 years that I have lived in Ashland I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting and interacting with a variety of interesting and intelligent people.
While our four kids traveled through the schools, I met many wonderful parents and teachers. I have also met artists of many kids and others from all walks of life while spending 25 years working at OSF. In the past year I’ve had an opportunity to interact with Pam Marsh as a representative of the Ashland Food Project.
Her work at the food bank is a prime example of her concern for others regardless of their station in life. Her concern combined with her intellect makes her a perfect representative for our region. Therefore, I am wholeheartedly endorsing her for the state Legislature. Above all else, I encourage everyone to vote in the next and all elections. The government is us.

Brad Galusha, co-chair, Ashland Food Project

Support Marsh

I am writing in support of Pam Marsh as she launches her campaign to be elected state representative for District 5.
I admire Pam’s commitment to the well-being and quality of life of the people of our region, her interest in the vitality of its business community and the health of the many services that make Southern Oregon a good place to live. I was privileged to watch her in action while we worked together in human services and believe she has the ability, the energy and desire to do the best she can for all the people of Southern Oregon.
Please join me in encouraging the voters of her district to give Pam the opportunity to serve them in Salem.

Lisa Meadows



Pam Marsh in House District 5


Rep. Peter Buckley will leave big shoes to fill in House District 5. The Ashland Democrat has served admirably in Salem since 2004, co-chairing the budgetwriting Ways and Means Committee for the past eight years before announcing his retirement from lawmaking. We recommend voters send Pam Marsh to succeed him.

District 5 encompasses the south end of the county, including Ashland, Phoenix, Talent, southwest Medford and Jacksonville. The district leans heavily Democratic. Marsh is a Democrat, but that doesn’t mean she’ll automatically win the seat. A Southern Oregon resident since 1994, she brings a solid background in local government as a member of the Ashland charter review committee, the Planning Commission and now the Ashland City Council; nonprofit work as director of the Ashland Community Food Bank; and experience in small business as co-owner of the Greensprings Inn.

Her opponent, Steven Richie of Ashland, the owner of a fire sprinkler design company, has a degree in forestry from Oregon State University. He worked for the Washington Department of Natural Resources in the late 1980s, as a staffer in the Oregon Legislature in 1990, then for the Washington Legislature from 1991 to 1998. He has no elective experience.

In a joint interview with Mail Tribune editors, Marsh exhibited a strong grasp of the complex issues facing Oregon in the coming legislative session. Richie came into this race at a disadvantage. Marsh has been running since last spring, but her Republican opponent, Alan DeBoer, decided to run for the District 3 Senate seat after the death of Alan Bates. The county Republican Party tapped Richie to take DeBoer’s place in the House race at the end of August.

Richie is personable, well-spoken and intelligent, but he lacks Marsh’s knowledge of the issues, and he has not served in local government in any capacity. He would benefit from serving on a city or county committee or on the City Council before aiming for a legislative seat.

We recommend House District 5 voters send Pam Marsh to the Oregon Legislature.