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‘We face an invisible threat’

by Staff reports - The Mail Tribune Tuesday, March 24th 2020 The Jackson County Emergency Operations Center issued a message to the public after Gov. Kate Brown instituted a statewide order Monday for people to stay at home except for essential trips like going to work and buying food. The message comes from Jackson County officials and a bipartisan group of state legislators — Sen. Jeff Golden, Rep. Pam Marsh, Rep. Duane Stark and Rep. Kim Wallan. The Mail Tribune is printing the ...

New Legislation Would Address ‘Internet Deserts’ In Oregon

By Erik Neumann Published January 22, 2020 at 5:16 AM PST LISTEN HERE Southern Oregon state Representative Pam Marsh, D-Ashland, is proposing legislation in the upcoming session to increase funding for broadband internet in areas she describes as rural “internet deserts.” An estimated 400,000 Oregonians lack adequate internet, according to Marsh, including school districts and public libraries. To increase connectivity, she’s proposing the Rural Telecommunications ...

Oregon Wildfire Council Lays Out Some Options

The Jefferson Exchange, JPR LISTEN HERE One major outcome of the Oregon Governor's Council on Wildfire Response was a number: four billion.  That's the amount of money estimated to do all the work to make Oregon's forests more fire resistant, less prone to catastrophic fires.  It's a big number, but still less than the estimates of damage if Oregon has more large and destructive fires. So is Oregon and its people willing to put up huge dollars in the short term ...

To fight wildfire, we must address climate change

by Rep. Pam Marsh Sunday, August 4th 2019 Mail Tribune AQI 134: Unhealthy for sensitive groups. I’m looking at this dispiriting air quality index reading for Ashland at 11 AM on Tuesday, July 30. The Applegate and Medford are worse: 157 and 160, i.e. unhealthy. By the time you read this, I hope you are seeing better numbers. Actually, the word “hope” is not nearly strong enough. I have been hearing from many neighbors and friends for the past five days, since smoke from ...

Rep Marsh asks House colleagues for an Aye vote on HB 2020, 06-17-19

https://youtu.be/cwB2HzP22yQ Representative Pam Marsh, HD 05, encourages fellow members of the Oregon House to support HB 2020, which will put Oregon ahead of the climate curve, give the state a competitive edge in the new renewable economy, and create opportunities to invest, particularly in impacted, rural communities.

Rep Marsh comments prior to her Yes vote on HB 2020, 05-17-19

https://youtu.be/BfbEm9N_xsU Representative Pam Marsh, representing Southern Jackson County, delivers comments before her vote in favor of climate legislation.

Oregon needs to step up and invest in more wildfire prevention tools

By Pam Marsh May 09, 2019 The Oregonian Marsh, D-Ashland, represents House District 5 in the Oregon Legislature. In summer 2017, Portland watched the beloved Columbia River Gorge go up in flames. Last summer, Southern Oregon suffered through six weeks of choking smoke. In November, we all watched from a distance as Paradise, California, a town much like others in Oregon, burned to the ground. It is clear that smoke and fire threaten the health, economy, and future of communities ...

Forestry Department needs more funding now

by Rep. Pam Marsh Sunday, March 24th 2019 - Mail Tribune Last summer, Southern Oregon suffered through six weeks of choking smoke. A month later we watched from a distance as Paradise, California, a town much like communities in our region, burned to the ground. Smoke and fire threaten our health, our economy and our future. The gravity of our situation is reflected in the numbers. Oregon wildfires cost a whopping $514 million in 2018 and that half billion is not the end of our ...

Rep Marsh advocates for forest and fire resilience funding 022719

https://youtu.be/B2Wkd_yOBh8 In the wake of persistent smoke and devastating fire, Representative Pam Marsh, Oregon House District 5, encourages the Joint Subcommittee on Natural Resources to support investments in forest and fire resilience this legislative session.

Rep Marsh Testimony at Broadband Hearing 02-11-19

https://youtu.be/puyFL38_WPA Representative Pam Marsh, Oregon House District 5, delivers testimony at the House Committee on Economic Development public hearing on Feb 11, 2019 in support of HB 2173, which creates a Broadband Office within Business Oregon, and HB 2184, which expands the Oregon Universal Services Fund to establish a Broadband Fund.